We will have posters on the walls showing the workshop or event, what time it starts, and what room it is in. I never know the names of the workshops until the headliners arrive. They fill in the blanks when they arrive.

We also encourage anyone who has something to teach that may be interesting to sign up to teach a workshops. There is a lot of talent out there and there are a lot of folks who have a lot to offer. So, if you would like to teach a song or technique, just sign up for a class, and we will find you a place.  I have had folks fuss at me in the past for not posting the complete schedule before the festival. That is just more work for me to get all of that information, arrange it and post it. It is just something that I have chosen not to do. It has worked so far.


Teaching and Learning

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I will have a sign-up list for all those who would like to teach a workshop.  This list will apply to everyone - headliners as well as festival attendees.    

Workshops will be posted so you will have to keep abreast of what workshops will be held when.  There will be a large poster on the wall in the hall on the first floor listing all of the workshops.  

If you are concerned about the workshop schedule, just know that most all of the instruments will be covered on both days.  Then, if there is something you would like and don't see it, just ask.  That is the beauty of not having a schedule beforehand.